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February 2024
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Self promotion basics

Self promotion is the backbone of marketing for not only artists, but any individual who wants to take their career to the next level.

Artists using YouTube for promotions

Impulse sales are the backbone of most retail outlets and there is no reason and artist should not be prepared for such sales!

Adding video to your marketing!

Video is the future, is your film rolling?
I’ve been hearing this for several years now – you need to add video, video, video, video. But what kinds of video can artists create to help increase their exposure, build their brand and get more business? How can we get in on the surge in video searches?
Here are four types of videos artists can create to help promote themselves on YouTube:

It’s here! Audio for SINGLE mom artists!

How do you, a single mom with children, use your artistic skills to bring home additional money for your family?

Ordering the workshop audio

What better way to offer something to artists than have a glowing testimonial?

Talking to your clients in public

. And as we discussed in the workshop, any question or even comment from a client is an invitation from them to “tell me more.” Only one person, a man, seemed to be astounded (at least outwardly) by my prices. The fact is, that he probably just had no clue..he wants a portrait but is learning that they are not free or cheap.

A Secret to Pricing your Art

I am going to tell you a secret, well it’s not really a secret we just don’t want to believe it to be true. However, once you believe it you will look at pricing your art in a new light. Your cannot price your art to sell. You can’t do anything to make your art [...]

What good are Art Schools?

Having studied a few years of Architectural Engineering way back when, I always, in the back of my mind, wondered what I missed by not studying at an art achool. After all, I have ended up with a career in “Fine Arts.”

Thoughts on our first 2010 Workshop

The question of HOW to bring in money from your art product takes on a whole new perspective when the times get tough and sales either drop or become non-existent. And if you never made any money from your art, then a tinge of desperation sets in.

Starving artist sale

Starving Artist Sale! I hope none of you EVER participates in a show or sale where this is the headline grabber! “Well”, you say, “What else should we use? It IS a sale and we ARE starving!” Humor aside, think what you are implying. You might as well yell “ART GIVEAWAY!”or “CHEAP! ALMOST FREE!” Most [...]