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April 2024
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Arrtists-are you a problem solver or a whiner?

So are you a problem solver? Or are you still blaming everyone but yourself for your lack of what you consider to be success? Do you meet every suggestion with a whiny voice “But I tried that and it didn’t work!”?

Checklist for Outdoor and Indoor Art Shows-Stop forgetting!

Feeling the sweat roll down your back while you slow bake over the asphalt at an outdoor art fair in Florida is not a good time to realize that you forgot the sunblock or your hat or the cooler. Discovering that the artists must all park 30 blocks from the show is not a good time to realize that you left the hand cart in the studio!
I could go on and on but you get the picture. Make a list.

What art to take to an outdoor show

Know your organizational weaknesses and make a decision to overcome them because if you do not, then every show will become an ordeal……very often it is not the work that is the biggest issue but how we are seeing it and handling it!.

Controversial Art

Vorotnikov sees Voina’s lifestyle, which includes refusing to work and living on food stolen from supermarkets, as part of the group’s art.

7 ways to put that “useless” degree to work!

Are you someone who invested a lot of money in one of the “useless” college degrees?

Set your Art Career in Motion!

We take the failure out of art marketing and put positive results within reach of the artist!

Spoofing the art shows

The following hilarious spoofs on art shows was so funny and so true that we had to share them with you!

The Value of Customer Service!

Only fools and teenagers (lol) do not know that being nice and helpful to the people who support you is the only way to advance in life AND your art business!

Rainy Days…….and the artist life

An artist’s life in regards to hours and paychecks is not a real predictable affair. We work when other do not and do not work when others are at work. We get paid sporadically and in terms of income, it can be far more or far less than what someone who is not an artist may make.

Looking Good the First Time

As a copy editor, the one thing I’ve noticed over the years is that everybody thinks that their spelling and grammar and punctuation are just fine. “Oh, you don’t have to do anything to my work,” they always say, sometimes with a smirk. “My mom’s always said that my writing was so good!” Well, guess what? Your mom lied. Your work needs editing.