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Where do you want to go?

So many of the artists we meet want to go somewhere with their art but many factors have prevented, stopped or discouraged their goals. The biggest challenge that faces artists who would like to sell their art is other people's attitudes! Let's walk through several of these challenges...

First of all, we're not sure who decided that artists could not sell. 
That is a new concept as artists have sold their art and craft throughout history!

We're not sure why the Art Communities in general came up with the idea that artists "should" not have to market their art.

We're not even sure when the phrase "starving artist" was first used. But the damage was done long enough ago that it has become a standard assumption that ALL artists are starving!

Do any of these comments sound familiar?

  • Your neighbor, family member or another artist, (who know nothing about running a business), will tell you that artists can't run a business.

  • An art gallery will tell you that artists are too "right brained" to be business people and that you need the Gallery to sell your art.

  • Has a helpful person told you that “only dead artists make money?“

  • University professors will tell artists in the art programs to "create it and they (buyers) will come."

  • You should not have to market your art if you are good.

  • Have other artists told you that turning your art into a business will make it less creative? Less "fun?"

  • Have you been told by an artist that making money with your art is "selling out?"

All this negativity can play havoc with your determinartion! We learned that in order to be successful, we simply needed to take advice from people who were where we'd like to be!

So let's simplify and clarify all those challenges :-)

  • Do you need to quit your day job to be successful? No.

  • Do you need to have talent? Not necessarily!

  • Do you need an art degree? No.

  • Do you need to belong to a lot of Art organizations? Only if you want to!

  • DO you need a lot of money? No.

  • Do you need Gallery representation to be successful? No.


Furthermore, no matter WHAT art product you create-paintings, portraits, sculpture, leatherworks, glass, jewelry, or carved pencils, the marketing methods that we share with you will work with them all!

Full time or Part time?

What do you want to do? Maybe you want to make enough with your art to pay that monthly car payment. Maybe your dream is to be a full time artist.

Start with what would work best for you and your situation

It is an ongoing journey for all artists! The times change regularly and we change right along with them. Our goal is to keep you motivated and continue to share updated ideas with you that will help you reach your goals!

We have a number of resources to start you on your way ranging from FREE newsletters, articles and art forums to audio CD's and DVD's!

Check out our blog on creating, marketing and selling your art, stories of other artists who have made the leap and even an occassional look into reasons for the prejudices we face from other artists.

Free Articles are being added regularly to the website. Ideas to help you save time and keep more of your money.

What you want to do with your art career is up to you! But if what you have been doing is not working, then it's time to head in a new direction. We can help!

Again, I am overwhelmed with the generosity of information you were willing to share. I hope to one day be in a position to return the favor to another as you have done here today.

Thank you,

I do want to thank you again for encouraging me to get on my feet again, how to begin to do that, brainstorming helped me so much

......and I Thank You SO much for helping me, Theresa, when I really needed it .... I am finally finding a niche and able to support myself independely, very exciting, not 'rich' but smiling :)

Lisa B

I read the information about marketing and received some great information. I was extremely thrilled with your advice concerning an artist statement. I have two venues in September, and an exhibition in January. Thanks for the tips and I will review the information to keep me on the right track.

Thank you,