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Self promotion basics

Self promotion is the backbone of marketing for not only artists, but any individual who wants to take their career to the next level.    As a guest columnist for “1st Turning Point” where the predominant subscribers are both published and non published authors,  I occasionally chose various articles to showcase the similarities and the challenges.  One major reason is  the “I’m a right brain creative person” excuse we hear most often from artists who complain about needing business but not willing to put the work into getting it.  Everyone has an excuse for not accomplishing a task or reaching a goal and there are millions of books out there geared towards the procrastinator. There are also millions of gung ho quotes from famous people designed to get you motivated.  But the very bottom line is that you have to WANT to reach that goal badly enough to step out of the so called “comfort zone” of routine and do what it takes to promote you and what you create.

The following article is actually is several parts and I admire this author for knowing , learning and accepting her strengths and weaknesses in learning to self market. She openly confesses to all and her steps to overcome them!

Enjoy her story!


1 comment to Self promotion basics

  • Excellent blog on self promotion basics – and excellently written as well. It’s so true that as artists we are so conditioned by the ‘right-brain-only’belief and that we are all destined to become ‘starving artists’. Once you can step out of these limiting beliefs you realize that, just as you mentioned, they are only glorified excuses for not doing what it takes to accomplish the task.

    If you want to sell your art – you have to promote it. It takes time but it works.