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Starving artist sale

Starving Artist Sale!

I hope none of you EVER participates in a show or sale where this is the headline grabber!

“Well”, you say, “What else should we use? It IS a sale and we ARE starving!”

Humor aside, think what you are implying. You might as well yell “ART GIVEAWAY!”or “CHEAP! ALMOST FREE!”
Most of all, who do you think you are going to attract? Even cheap won’t be good enough. They will still see you as desperate and negotiable.

Think creatively! The “outside the box” comes into play everywhere- your headlines, your signs, your ads…everything. So what else could you use? What words could you substitute for “starving artist sale?” Here are a few:

“spring art extravaganza! ”
“Artists celebrating Winter”
“Rainbow colors-Art of the Watercolor ”
“Winter Celebration in OILS”……the more you start to think about this the more ideas pop into your heads. In a few minutes you will have started to come up with something that fits your art product and captures a reader/viewer’s curiosity. Once they have either viewed your work in person or on your website, then you have attracted the people who you are most interested in.

If you use the starving artist sale headliner you will get the starving artist crowd. The ones with discretionary income simply assume it is not good art!

January Art Marketing Workshops

In the Raleigh NC area, we are holding two mini workshops on  Art Marketing!  Sign up is at the Jerry’s Art Store. The January 14 from 5-7 pm is sold out. The second (identical) will be Jan. 21 from 5-7.

We’ll keep you posted!

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