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May 2024
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A lesson in the advent of TEAMS

So what happens when your Art group, council, society or club begins to shift from talking about volunteers and committees to assigning “Teams?” Is this a good change or a bad change? Or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

“Emerging Artist” tag and why you need to dump it!

Our newest Art Career Experts newsletter is coming out this week and for all of those who have been saddled with or have adopted the tag of “emerging artist”, you need to read why we feel (maybe insist is a better word) that you should dump it!

Artists using YouTube for promotions

Impulse sales are the backbone of most retail outlets and there is no reason and artist should not be prepared for such sales!

Adding video to your marketing!

Video is the future, is your film rolling?
I’ve been hearing this for several years now – you need to add video, video, video, video. But what kinds of video can artists create to help increase their exposure, build their brand and get more business? How can we get in on the surge in video searches?
Here are four types of videos artists can create to help promote themselves on YouTube:

When Art Grants end

The art world is all up in arms. Every place you turn to there is some article about the government or the states reducing or eliminating public money for artist grants.

Should you enter art shows?

Over the years we have discovered that it never seems to occur to the average artist to question the validity of the advice that has been preached for so many decades concerning art marketing.

To NOT test a theory is to blindly accept another person’s decision concerning YOUR life!

Traditional mailings in your art business

OK, it’s true that people still throw away much of their mail (and, it even looks like the U.S. Postal Service will cut back on its deliveries). But if a mailer is done right, you can get a nice return on your investment.

Wed, March 10 workshop-Talking to your clients!

If you are an artist who becomes tongue tied, shy, or you simply don’t know how to respond to questions asked of you in public, then you need to join us on March 10 for this powerful seminar!

Selling Ice Cream in Winter

Think you have a challenge selling your art? Try selling ice cream in the winter!

Marketing your art in real life….

I spent an hour on my computer today listening to a promoter’s webinar on secret tips for online social networking. Actually I was working on a large commission so I alternated between glancing at the computer screen and turning the volume on my laptop as high as it would go and painting on the artwork [...]