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April 2024
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The new commitment for your art business

“Sunn [sic], the difference ‘tween involvement and commitment is the same as the difference ‘tween eggs and bacon. The chicken is involved. The pig is committed.” It’s hard to argue with that.

A lesson in the advent of TEAMS

So what happens when your Art group, council, society or club begins to shift from talking about volunteers and committees to assigning “Teams?” Is this a good change or a bad change? Or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Why you may not be ready to become a business

Combining creativity and business is also a state of mind and you will be unsuccessful if you cannot switch gears to accept and embrace what needs to be done.:-)

Good news for end of the Year!

Keep in mind too that none of our success this quarter was by accident. We did not stumble upon clients, burn incense or randomly hope they would show up at our studio….we continued to promote our art via our usual tried and true channels: in person, on Facebook, our monthly newsletters, phone, postcards, email…the point is that we persevered.

Selling on Ebay and a discourse on perseverance!

…… NO avenue of sales will work if you secretly do not want it to!

Great seminar energy!

You gotta love it! How can we not be inspired by the artists coming up to us and telling us that we have opened new doors for them? Or that the group makes them feel as though they belong?  How telling as well. Watching the video on my early education experience at the hands of [...]

Thoughts on our first 2010 Workshop

The question of HOW to bring in money from your art product takes on a whole new perspective when the times get tough and sales either drop or become non-existent. And if you never made any money from your art, then a tinge of desperation sets in.

Websites and the Zen of selling

So why is there still such a hesitancy among many artists in regards to the words “selling or marketing?” It takes as much effort to sell trash as it does treasure!