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7 ways to put that “useless” degree to work!

Are you someone who invested a lot of money in one of the “useless” college degrees?

Selling on Ebay and a discourse on perseverance!

…… NO avenue of sales will work if you secretly do not want it to!

Artists using YouTube for promotions

Impulse sales are the backbone of most retail outlets and there is no reason and artist should not be prepared for such sales!

Staying on task! Psyching yourself up!

I need to Remind myself every step of the way that having a marketing plan is not just about making more money or more sales, it is also about taking care of my clients after their portrait commission

When Art Grants end

The art world is all up in arms. Every place you turn to there is some article about the government or the states reducing or eliminating public money for artist grants.

We are constantly changing our displays and adding to our Galleries! Watch for new evening mini-classes for adults where you will enjoy learning new skills and meeting new like minded artists!

Talking to your clients in public

. And as we discussed in the workshop, any question or even comment from a client is an invitation from them to “tell me more.” Only one person, a man, seemed to be astounded (at least outwardly) by my prices. The fact is, that he probably just had no clue..he wants a portrait but is learning that they are not free or cheap.

Marketing your art in real life….

I spent an hour on my computer today listening to a promoter’s webinar on secret tips for online social networking. Actually I was working on a large commission so I alternated between glancing at the computer screen and turning the volume on my laptop as high as it would go and painting on the artwork [...]

Sticking with it!

We are all human and we all get discouraged, disappointed, tired or too busy and let our initial efforts fade away. But there is a way to channel your energy and enthusiasm and keep the level up there long enough to see positive results!

ACE Workshop video excerpt

Here is a clip from our January 14 Workshop – Myth Busting Business Facts for Artists at Jerry’s Artarama Raleigh, NC store. Theresa tells of an incident at Art School that explains her motivation Tonights Workshop is sold out also. Starting in February 17, we will be holding monthly workshops at Jerry’s. These will go [...]