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June 2024
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“Emerging Artist” tag and why you need to dump it!

Our newest Art Career Experts newsletter is coming out this week and for all of those who have been saddled with or have adopted the tag of “emerging artist”, you need to read why we feel (maybe insist is a better word) that you should dump it!

2 tips for online art sales

You know that marketing phrase “Make money while you sleep?” Well it IS possible for artists to do just that with their art product IF they make it convenient and easy for shoppers to see and buy their art 24/7.

The Artists lifeline!

If you are you an experienced artist who has hit a dead end with your sales and are not sure what your next step needs to be, then this workshop is for you!

The nitty gritty of selling your art workshop…

Quite frankly, as working artists, our money is in our art, not our ebooks. But the encouragement and motivation we generate is priceless! :-)

Explaining artspeak to artists

We are always telling artists,”Don’t use artspeak”…
Here is an example from another field…

Starving artist sale

Starving Artist Sale! I hope none of you EVER participates in a show or sale where this is the headline grabber! “Well”, you say, “What else should we use? It IS a sale and we ARE starving!” Humor aside, think what you are implying. You might as well yell “ART GIVEAWAY!”or “CHEAP! ALMOST FREE!” Most [...]

Business plan basics

We are now in the month of January, named after the Roman god Janus. Janus had two faces, on to look forward and one to look back. That is what we need to do now.

What does a Paris cafe have to do with art marketing?

What do the trials and tribulations of a Paris restaurant have to do with an art career? Everything!

After the Art Show

The Art show has ended. All of the participants are taking down their tents, loading up their vehicles and all have one goal in mind-to get home! There is no doubt that participating in an Art show of any length can be tiring. If it was a financially good show for the artist, then the [...]

Establishing an Art Time

“I have NO time to be an artist. What with the children, my job, my in-laws, the after school sports, all the meetings. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! And by the end of the day I am too tired to think about it. Maybe when I retire.”