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A Secret to Pricing your Art

I am going to tell you a secret, well it’s not really a secret we just don’t want to believe it to be true. However, once you believe it you will look at pricing your art in a new light.
Your cannot price your art to sell.
You can’t do anything to make your art sell. Your art won’t sell itself.
You (or someone else) has to sell your art.
In other words, people won’t look at your art and see quality at a low price and just have to buy it. Nor will they look at your art and say it must be good, it’s so expensive and have to buy it. It’s why galleries have sales staff. They know this already. It’s why a juried art show hanging with no one actively selling has very few if any sales.

So what does this mean for you when it comes to pricing your art? It means that you have to believe in the value of your work. Do you believe that a painting that took you a day to paint is worth $2750. ? Can you say “This painting is two thou sand seven hundred and fifty DOLLARS” in a strong positive voice, not “it’s twentysevenfifty” said apologectically. You get the idea? The same applies if the painting is $100. As an aside, some of us will have trouble saying this no matter what the price. The solution is to practice. Say it out loud. Repeatedly. Say it until it comes naturally.

When you believe in the value of your work, communicating that value to your potential collectors is much easier.

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