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Adding video to your marketing!

Every so often a really good post on art marketing pops up on the Internet! I say “good post” because so many simply do what the old art marketing books did-regurgitate information from other sources that may or may not be tried, true or tested! However this blog on Tara Reed’s site of Licensing art is exceptional in it’s facts and usage! So although I have not posted it in its entirety, the link is included which you should go to to watch several videos! Enjoy!-Theresa
Why you should consider adding video to your marketing mix
Posted by Tara Reed on Jun 29, 2010
Did you know that YouTube represents 25% of all Google searches?
Did you know that in Decmeber of 2007, 2.52 billion people searched for videos, up 114% from the previous month? Wonder what that’s up to now!
Video is the future, is your film rolling?
I’ve been hearing this for several years now – you need to add video, video, video, video. But what kinds of video can artists create to help increase their exposure, build their brand and get more business? How can we get in on the surge in video searches?
Here are four types of videos artists can create to help promote themselves on YouTube:

  • Show your work. If you are shy in front of the camera, you can create a slide show of sorts that shows your art, your studio, work in progress, photos, etc.
  • Show yourself working. People are often interested to see “an artist at work” – can you set up a camera and draw, paint or sculpt while the film is rolling? You could speed up the video to make it look like you are working top speed and add audio or music to go along with it.
  • Promote events. Are you a gallery artist looking to do more shows? Have someone take some video of you at an opening, talking with others, showing your art on the wall. Use that to promote yourself for future events. Do the same for craft fairs, commission work, public speaking, etc. Show you and your work in action to help others visualize you in action for them.
  • Have some fun! Have you ever noticed that the videos people share the most are videos that make you laugh? Or videos that catch your attention by comparing unusual things? What can you do to make a viral video (meaning people keep passing it on!) related to your art? Spoof a famous commercial or skit? Stand on your head while painting? Have fun but make sure your fun is true to you, your art and your brand.

Once you have some videos, where will you put them? The first step to cash in on all this YouTube searching is to upload them to YouTube. But also consider creating a YouTube Channel – where you control the look and feel and can organize your videos as you see fit. That way people can follow you and know when you post new content. It’s a great way to build a following of people who enjoy video content.
To learn more about how to create your own channel, go to
Pay attention to the description and keywords you use when you put your video on YouTube as well. According to YouTube, 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute so you need to make sure the right people know about your video or your efforts will be for naught. Treat your videos as you would treat your SEO for your website.
Videos can capture attention and add interest to your blog and website as well. You can link your videos to Facebook. Video is a more personal way for people to get to know, like and trust you and that is who people like to do business with.
Newer computers have video and microphone capabilities. Most digital cameras and some phones can take video as well. So don’t believe you have to have a production company create your video or huge budgets to get it done, just believe that it can help you promote your work and commit to give it a shot.
Here’s to adding video to the mix of your creative success!
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– Tara Reed

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