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September 2021
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Selling to Celebrities

I read with interest a recent article about an artist whose work was collected by Michael Jackson. Jackson was so happy with the way the artist painted that he further commissioned paintings of himself Now  in Art Career Experts we do not critique anyone’s art not judge it. That’s not our job.   In fact it [...]

Audio package is HERE!

Below is the opening of our Nov 23 newsletter and yes we ARE excited to finally get this produced and out to the public. Of course we are selling them as is Jerrysartarama and Amazon. So of course we have to unabashedly toot our own horn;) Bear with us while we do that! We have [...]

The Artist Paycheck Group for marketing artists

Want some immediate interaction? Too shy to ask a question? Don’t be! I started a Yahoo Group almost 2 years ago to encourage members to bounce marketing ideas off one another! The really great thing about an active group/forum is that you can see that you aren’t alone in your journey to add a paycheck [...]

ACE audios coming soon!

The very cool news is that by the end of next week we should have not only the ebooks available, but the books on CD’s as well as the audio versions! The huge advantage of audio is that you can listen to it over and over…while you’re in the studio or driving to a show [...]

The value of Testimonials

The first time that I  saw the word “testimonials” on a website, I was not exactly sure what it meant.  Websites were new and  people and companies were trying out different formats.  I  knew all about “endorsements” or “recommendations”  and “comments” but someone “testifying” in a format other than a courtroom was new to me! [...]

The working artist month

Wow, we have been BUSY! But hey that’s good!  The point is that if you are a self employed artist then the economic downturn is simply another bump in the road. All of it requires constant rethinking and reworking the way we are accomplishing our goals! Don’t be too quick to give up on ideas [...]

Social media and AOL

This is a quick post as I have a show to set up for but I have become aware that AOL is constantly promoting Twitter. “Twitter your business” is a big catch phrase and anyone whose computer home page opens up to AOL sees it on an almost daily basis. The point is that it [...]

After the Art Show

The Art show has ended. All of the participants are taking down their tents, loading up their vehicles and all have one goal in mind-to get home! There is no doubt that participating in an Art show of any length can be tiring. If it was a financially good show for the artist, then the [...]

Establishing an Art Time

“I have NO time to be an artist. What with the children, my job, my in-laws, the after school sports, all the meetings. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! And by the end of the day I am too tired to think about it. Maybe when I retire.”

Final weeks to save your images from Ebay’s new “file”

For those of you who sell or are thinking about selling on Ebay, read this message! This was on another Board and I followed the instructions and yes indeed, my default for Ebay using any of my photos was on “yes.” Follow the steps below to disable this. Notice that this would include photos of [...]