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April 2024
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The working artist month

Wow, we have been BUSY! But hey that’s good!  The point is that if you are a self employed artist then the economic downturn is simply another bump in the road. All of it requires constant rethinking and reworking the way we are accomplishing our goals! Don’t be too quick to give up on ideas [...]

Combining art, family and career

Every so often I run across some great articles where I feel the content is SO appropriate that it is necessary to share much of the article as it was written!  It would be very interesting to see if this documentary becomes available to a wider audience. Arlington, Mass. – The highly acclaimed documentary, “Who [...]

Controling the Internet overload and Studio time

There is such an information overload on the Internet these days that it’s a wonder that an artists gets anything done! TV shows, world news, local news, family emails, client emails, weird news,computer games,Facebook, Twitter……just to writ it all down is exhausting! To turn on your computer means you are lost for several hours!

Mining the client Gold Mine

A huge mistake that beginner art marketers make is to forget about their old customers.  This may not sound accurate to  you if you are a new marketer but assuming that you are now now done with a former client once they have purchased from you is a huge mistake.  You may think that since [...]