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Selling to Celebrities

I read with interest a recent article about an artist whose work was collected by Michael Jackson. Jackson was so happy with the way the artist painted that he further commissioned paintings of himself

the painting

the painting

Now  in Art Career Experts we do not critique anyone’s art not judge it. That’s not our job.   In fact it is a chapter unto itself in our audio Art For Sale-Getting a Paycheck from your Art!

The controversy over  “What is Art” will continue, unsolved, as long as there are artists!   Our job at ACE is twofold. If you are NOT the artist whose work is collected or commissioned by a celebrity,  why would you spend valuable time on art sites blasting away at that artist’s work? You need to delve deeper into what is really bothering you about the whole thing  :-) .

And if you ARE the artist whose work is being collected, good for you! Part of our job at ACE is to encourage an artist whose commissions seem to spark a certain envy from other artists to simply ignore the negative people and concentrate on who is writing the check!

“David Nordahl, who painted the angel painting titled ‘Michael’ and many others for Jackson upon demand, said that the King of Pop “thought it was great with a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’ flavor,” according to The New York Post.  Other paintings that Nordahl did cast Jackson in the light of Peter Pan, King Arthur and a superhero.”

In other words, “Damn the torpedoes, Full Steam ahead” is a great motto for the financially successful artist who is surrounded by envious artists.  This  particular painting was  obviously a private commission and its unveiling was not predicted. Some very famous nudes (ie: Obliesque)  in the museums were also part of private 18th and 19th century  collections and were never meant to be displayed in a public setting. So art is truly in the eye of the beholder!

If you are fortunate enough to have a wealthy benefactor, celebrity or not, deposit as many checks as you can and enjoy the ride! Accept your position with grace and forebearance.  I have no doubt that Thomas Kincaid could care less what the negative artists say about his work! The public loves his work just as the public loved Norman Rockwell and there’s a lesson to be learned in that!

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