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September 2009
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Social media and AOL

This is a quick post as I have a show to set up for but I have become aware that AOL is constantly promoting Twitter. “Twitter your business” is a big catch phrase and anyone whose computer home page opens up to AOL sees it on an almost daily basis.
The point is that it makes Twitter seem like a huge deal bringing in income, recognition and income. Now I have researched social media extensively and I will be the first to tell you that no one is an expert! It changes as we breathe! And I also knew that statistically, there were less than 6 million people on Twitter and 175 million on Facebook. So why all the hype?
Money. AOL is being paid to promote Twitter. At first I did not see it. But then other factors came into play. A story about a rescue which inevitably led to the fact that it was all in a new book you could buy. An article about losing weight that led to another product and so on and so forth. I was disappointed that the “news media” was being bought.
And as I examined other home pages such as Yahoo, I noticed that Twitter was not being promoted to the same extent-meaning the articles were not so blatantly pro-twitter.
I am not alone in having to “hide” people on my facebook page whose twittering became excessive and overwhelming. It was all I was receiving. Facebook on the other hand, HAS produced some great contacts and renewed clients and prospects and I keep most of it art related because of that.

One post a day is plenty for FACEBOOK and Twitter users need to be aware of how annoying too many “tweets” are to the general populace.
Now there are people who will disagree with me but a general overall study will show that the average business person believes that people are “tweeting” far too much. Rather than achieve the desired results of communication it is accomplishing just the opposite.
Give it up? No need. Just be aware that busy businesses have specific people to follow and post tweets. You can follow many businesses that tweet if you want to know what is going on 3 times a day but they do not tweet more than that. As a working artist you might want to think about slowing down, give your prospects no reason to hide you or remove you from their files and move slowly. Do not become a Tweeter Spammer!
And be careful about AOL and its effusive praise of Twitter. IF you do not twitter, you are not alone. If you do twitter, show respect and do not inundate your prospects by too much information!

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