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2013 and the Economy through the Eyes of an Artist

If big businesses have failed with all their marketing expertise and service businesses have failed with their consumable products, then what possible chance does an artist have of surviving the lean years? To be frank, no one “needs” your art.

Entering small local art and craft shows

New to art shows? Don’t know what to expect? I have noticed that many art organizations post their upcoming shows on Craigslist. Usually they’ll be under “artists” and/or  “art and crafts”. So I added to the posts with an encouragement to PARTICIPATE in a few of these shows. See the ad below: New to art [...]

What a Deal?

We usually don’t talk about others selling marketing information to artists online. But I just got this email and I have to comment. First let me say that there is good information out there and some of it is reasonably priced. Not much is written by working artists who support themselves through their art as [...]

Making your own prints!

If you have been thinking of making your own prints from your artwork without spending a fortune or investing in a lot of expensive equipment, and you are not sure how to start or what to do, then our April 14th workshop is for you!

Traditional mailings in your art business

OK, it’s true that people still throw away much of their mail (and, it even looks like the U.S. Postal Service will cut back on its deliveries). But if a mailer is done right, you can get a nice return on your investment.

Seminar Sold Out

Our seminar/workshop at Jerry’s Artarama Raleigh Store is sold out. Tonight we will be digging a little deeper on subjects such as “Using your blog to sell your work” and “What to do with that list” Join us on March 10th as we continue Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via [...]

Helping artists improve their skills and have fun.

Steve and I just spent a week at the production studios of Burning Oak Studios where we worked on DVD’s to help artists expand their creative skills. In our case we are creating two new DVD’s,   “Painting the Family Dog for Fun and Profit” and “Miniature landscapes and ACEO’s  for Fun and Profit”. Notice [...]

Switching styles

On our recent yahoo group, there was a lively discussion about changing styles, making more money and in general, a “where do I want to go now?” sense in the messages. It is hard enough to go to a show with a labor intensive art product and wait for prospects. It may have taken you [...]

Marketing your art in real life….

I spent an hour on my computer today listening to a promoter’s webinar on secret tips for online social networking. Actually I was working on a large commission so I alternated between glancing at the computer screen and turning the volume on my laptop as high as it would go and painting on the artwork [...]

Sticking with it!

We are all human and we all get discouraged, disappointed, tired or too busy and let our initial efforts fade away. But there is a way to channel your energy and enthusiasm and keep the level up there long enough to see positive results!