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February 2024
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What art to take to an outdoor show

Know your organizational weaknesses and make a decision to overcome them because if you do not, then every show will become an ordeal……very often it is not the work that is the biggest issue but how we are seeing it and handling it!.

Getting Ready for the Summer Art Shows

It takes preparation to participate in an outdoor art show (juried and non-juried) anywhere-near or far and preparations for your show season should take place long before your first show!

Should you enter art shows?

Over the years we have discovered that it never seems to occur to the average artist to question the validity of the advice that has been preached for so many decades concerning art marketing.

To NOT test a theory is to blindly accept another person’s decision concerning YOUR life!

Outside art/craft shows

The following is a one day art/craft show that has been around for 30 years.

After the Art Show

The Art show has ended. All of the participants are taking down their tents, loading up their vehicles and all have one goal in mind-to get home! There is no doubt that participating in an Art show of any length can be tiring. If it was a financially good show for the artist, then the [...]