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November 2022
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Evaluating annual Business Plan

With July behind us, we have hit the home stretch for the end of the year. Now is an excellent time to look at the business plans we all talked about (and you made) in January and see what the results have been so far. It’s pretty easy to know what you have been able [...]

6 Steps to re-energizing your Art business

Slumps ARE a normal part of any business. But to successfully pull your Art business out of the slump and make it through these economically challenging times, you need a plan.

The Artist’s Creative Zone- The Key to Zoning out

The Artist’s Creative Zone- The Key to Zoning out. M Theresa Brown The Creative Zone. It’s where all artists want to be. Whether you create your art product for pleasure or create it for profit, the Zone is that artistic level where an artist is in tune with his creative process and everything else is [...]

Combining art, family and career

Every so often I run across some great articles where I feel the content is SO appropriate that it is necessary to share much of the article as it was written!  It would be very interesting to see if this documentary becomes available to a wider audience. Arlington, Mass. – The highly acclaimed documentary, “Who [...]