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February 2010
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Helping artists improve their skills and have fun.

Steve and I just spent a week at the production studios of Burning Oak Studios where we worked on DVD’s to help artists expand their creative skills. In our case we are creating two new DVD’s,   “Painting the Family Dog for Fun and Profit” and “Miniature landscapes and ACEO’s  for Fun and Profit”. Notice that we said for FUN and PROFIT! Yes you can do both!  The key to being successful in what you do is to have a passion for it. Without the passion, you procrastinate, hedge, make excuses and generally blame everyone but yourself for any “failures.” So it’s important to keep things in perspective and start off doing something that you love! The accompanying photo is me demonstrating my techniques for painting in acrylics…additional information in the DVD will be how to take the         best photos of your subjects (I brought my dogs into the studio!)  and how to transfer those images to your canvas.

Theresa demonstrating her techniques for the DVD

The “profit” part comes from developing your style, speed and accuracy and then learning HOW to sell your art product to your clients.

Before you know it, you’ll be on your way!

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