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February 2010
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Sticking with it!

We all know the meaning of the  terms…stick to it, nose to the grindstone, perseverance, stamina, dedication……and if you are honest with yourself, it’s hard!

How often have you started on a particular marketing venue for your art and in just a matter of days, or a couple of weeks, especially if the results were disappointing,  or you could not see the value of it, you just dropped it? Does that mean that you cannot do it? Does it mean that you don’t want to reach your goals badly enough?

No, we are all human and we all get discouraged, disappointed, tired or too busy and let our initial efforts fade away.  But there is a way to channel your energy and enthusiasm and keep the level up there long enough to see positive results! And positive results, as we all know, breed continued enthusiasm. The key here is to concentrate in ONE marketing area. Just one. Give yourself a time limit of say one month. But in that one month, give it ALL you’ve got.

Let’s look at an example. You have decided to sell your art on Ebay. You have listened to us tell you to research, research and research your particular art product and see who and what is selling. So you have done that. You have found several artists who are earning anywhere from 800-1500 a week selling their art and you are excited! You feel that what you could do will sell as well. Piece of cake!

Now if you have been creating all along, you will have anywhere from 8-12 items ready to list on Ebay.  Assuming that you already have a sellers account set up, as well as Paypal, the initial part is done.  If you have never sold on Ebay however, you need to delve a bit further. This link to Ebay will start you in the process!

But this post isn’t so much about getting started on ebay as to what you need to do to stick with it. We, and I mean as in “I” have been guilty more than once of selling moderately well on Ebay and then I fizzle out…yes, even me! I have tried new art forms just for fun but obviously wasn’t inspired enough to stick with it…so this post is a reminder to me AND you, that nothing works if you don’t stick with it!It’s easy to be satisfied with moderate sales and far harder to make that extra effort to produce great sales!

So if you have your 8-12 items posted on Ebay and nothing sells, does that mean you have it all wrong? No. There is a learning curve to everything…that time where you worry and agonize over it and spend too much time on it and then suddenly, one day, you realize that you just breezed through posting those items or writing that description and it only took you minutes!  So see how many times your auction was seen. Is it in the right category? What about your starting price? Your description? This is where your research will have paid off. And remember this-it seems that virtually any art can sell on Ebay. The key is to get it out to the public and STICK with it!

This perseverance and persistence will pay off. Whether you are selling on Ebay, your blog, on the street …anywhere. Success is measured not in one big swoop but in increments! The ones who succeed will do so, not because they are the most talented artist or craftsmen but because they stuck with it through the good and the bad. That’s what success is all about!

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