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Entering small local art and craft shows

New to art shows? Don’t know what to expect?

I have noticed that many art organizations post their upcoming shows on Craigslist. Usually they’ll be under “artists” and/or  “art and crafts”. So I added to the posts with an encouragement to PARTICIPATE in a few of these shows. See the ad below:

New to art shows? Don’t know what to expect?
For those artists seeking new places and areas OFFline to sell their art, there have been several art and craft shows listed in on Craigslist that you should take the initiative to research further and participate in to gain the experience and skills necessary to learn to sell your art!
The one listed in Granville County is FREE and held under a large picnic type pavilion so no tent it needed. Hillsborough is close by as is Fuquay, Holly Springs, etc. The point is to BE THERE! The one guarantee is that nothing will happen if you don’t try!

You gain experience through practice and repetition. Learn and start to master what it takes to represent  your art and  yourself. Any of these small shows are excellent ways to experience and learn the techniques necessary

Judging from the artist art for sale on Craigslist many of you have some  engaging art products you have created yourself.  Even if you participated and sold nothing (it happens) what have you got to lose? You gain priceless information and experience on what to do better next time :-) You’ll remember to bring the  cooler, sunscreen or bags or the best way to reply to that common question….the point is to TRY.
Need selling information or help? Pop over to and join our online forums. Read the free articles and see what you need to do for shows.
So grab a friend, inspire each other and enter these local shows!

One of our recent newsletters was part 1 of participating at an art/craft show. Sure there’s a lot to learn and a lot to remember but don’t let any artist advise you against a particular show! Your experience may be different OR your art product may be the hot item at the show. Juried art shows do not mean “better sales.” :-) We have had vast experience with both! WE have done great at both and we have done poorly at both. There are no guarantees!

SO. Check your area for the small shows. Look on Craigslist or check out your local Chamber. We have some online magazines for shows on our links.  We would love to hear your experiences and what you learned, accomplished or would do better next time!

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