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Websites and the Zen of selling

Websites as brochures rather than sales sites are the most common of artist websites. And the reason that many do not equate into sales.

Most artists have fallen victim to the 20th century adversion to “selling one’s art” .   But the  expansion of the Internet, ease of accessibility, moderate pricing and a new generation of users (who can use a computer from the cradle) has added a new dimension and opened endless possibilities to the 21st century artist!

So why is there still such a hesitancy among many artists in regards to the words “selling or marketing?” It takes as much effort to sell trash as it does treasure!

Below is an excerpt from another Board that I peruse and I loved it!

I read a brilliant quote / analogy to the artist vs salesman aspect of life.. And it is something that I see in websites every day..

The man was being interviewed by a woman newspaper reporter who wanted to be an author of books.. He suggested that she take a sales training class to learn how to sell her books to publishers.. She was ‘offended’ by the suggestion that she, a great writer, should stoop to mere ‘sales’.. He pulled out his book and showed her where it said on the cover -

“Best-Selling Author” not “Best-Writing Author”

That little bit brought a lot of life in to focus for me.. Many people say that Rachel Rae can’t cook, yet she can “sell” what she does.. Always strive to be the best you can be at what you do, for me it’s jewelry, but never forget that you still have to “sell” to be successful..

For some artists such as Thomas Kincaid, (an example of brilliant marketing to the masses), a professional marketer took the artist by the hand.  For other artists, it may be the use of an Art Gallery. For others still, a concentrated effort on word of mouth.

Regardless of HOW you decide to sell your art product, your website needs to be more than a brochure. It needs to have art that can be purchased online in some format.  Take the time to visit merchant accounts online and learn how to offer this to your clients.  We like to use Paypal and the merchant store format that goes along with it!

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