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December 2023
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The nitty gritty of selling your art workshop…

Quite frankly, as working artists, our money is in our art, not our ebooks. But the encouragement and motivation we generate is priceless! :-)

Thoughts on our first 2010 Workshop

The question of HOW to bring in money from your art product takes on a whole new perspective when the times get tough and sales either drop or become non-existent. And if you never made any money from your art, then a tinge of desperation sets in.

Business plan basics

We are now in the month of January, named after the Roman god Janus. Janus had two faces, on to look forward and one to look back. That is what we need to do now.

Looking for Supportive Art Groups

Where does an artist who has a successful business or niche go when they want to “play?” When they want to learn something new? Where are the art groups whose camaraderie and geniality would help foster non-judgmental experimentation in the arts? Maybe working in the abstract, working with airbrush, a modeling paste, or oriental paper?

After the Art Show

The Art show has ended. All of the participants are taking down their tents, loading up their vehicles and all have one goal in mind-to get home! There is no doubt that participating in an Art show of any length can be tiring. If it was a financially good show for the artist, then the [...]

Evaluating annual Business Plan

With July behind us, we have hit the home stretch for the end of the year. Now is an excellent time to look at the business plans we all talked about (and you made) in January and see what the results have been so far. It’s pretty easy to know what you have been able [...]

6 Steps to re-energizing your Art business

Slumps ARE a normal part of any business. But to successfully pull your Art business out of the slump and make it through these economically challenging times, you need a plan.

Welcome to the Art Career Experts Blog site!

We have worked with so many artists and craftsmen over the years that it is nice to finally set it all up on the Internet!  Sometimes we are approached in moments where we cannot spend as much time as we need or the questions are far too vast to answer in one sitting.  So this [...]