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September 2021
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Sticking with it!

We are all human and we all get discouraged, disappointed, tired or too busy and let our initial efforts fade away. But there is a way to channel your energy and enthusiasm and keep the level up there long enough to see positive results!

A Secret to Pricing your Art

I am going to tell you a secret, well it’s not really a secret we just don’t want to believe it to be true. However, once you believe it you will look at pricing your art in a new light. Your cannot price your art to sell. You can’t do anything to make your art [...]

Starving artist sale

Starving Artist Sale! I hope none of you EVER participates in a show or sale where this is the headline grabber! “Well”, you say, “What else should we use? It IS a sale and we ARE starving!” Humor aside, think what you are implying. You might as well yell “ART GIVEAWAY!”or “CHEAP! ALMOST FREE!” Most [...]

What does a Paris cafe have to do with art marketing?

What do the trials and tribulations of a Paris restaurant have to do with an art career? Everything!

Commissioned Art and deadlines in December!

Commissioned art. It can be a financial lifesaver. It can also make you grit your teeth and feel like quitting!
Knowing yourself and how you operate is the key to being a successful commission artist.

Audio package is HERE!

Below is the opening of our Nov 23 newsletter and yes we ARE excited to finally get this produced and out to the public. Of course we are selling them as is Jerrysartarama and Amazon. So of course we have to unabashedly toot our own horn;) Bear with us while we do that! We have [...]

The Artist Paycheck Group for marketing artists

Want some immediate interaction? Too shy to ask a question? Don’t be! I started a Yahoo Group almost 2 years ago to encourage members to bounce marketing ideas off one another! The really great thing about an active group/forum is that you can see that you aren’t alone in your journey to add a paycheck [...]

ACE audios coming soon!

The very cool news is that by the end of next week we should have not only the ebooks available, but the books on CD’s as well as the audio versions! The huge advantage of audio is that you can listen to it over and over…while you’re in the studio or driving to a show [...]