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November 2022
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The Artists lifeline!

If you are you an experienced artist who has hit a dead end with your sales and are not sure what your next step needs to be, then this workshop is for you!

Why Amish Businesses don’t Fail

Want to find America’s most successful entrepreneurs? Skip Silicon Valley and Manhattan; head to the rural Amish enclaves.

Ordering the workshop audio

What better way to offer something to artists than have a glowing testimonial?

Talking to your clients in public

. And as we discussed in the workshop, any question or even comment from a client is an invitation from them to “tell me more.” Only one person, a man, seemed to be astounded (at least outwardly) by my prices. The fact is, that he probably just had no clue..he wants a portrait but is learning that they are not free or cheap.

Selling Ice Cream in Winter

Think you have a challenge selling your art? Try selling ice cream in the winter!

Helping artists improve their skills and have fun.

Steve and I just spent a week at the production studios of Burning Oak Studios where we worked on DVD’s to help artists expand their creative skills. In our case we are creating two new DVD’s,   “Painting the Family Dog for Fun and Profit” and “Miniature landscapes and ACEO’s  for Fun and Profit”. Notice [...]

Switching styles

On our recent yahoo group, there was a lively discussion about changing styles, making more money and in general, a “where do I want to go now?” sense in the messages. It is hard enough to go to a show with a labor intensive art product and wait for prospects. It may have taken you [...]

Marketing your art in real life….

I spent an hour on my computer today listening to a promoter’s webinar on secret tips for online social networking. Actually I was working on a large commission so I alternated between glancing at the computer screen and turning the volume on my laptop as high as it would go and painting on the artwork [...]

Is your E-mail address costing you money?

This is a quick post to remind you to look at your email address. Ideally, it should be But if it’s not, please don’t try to do business with an email address. Yes, it keeps spam away from you, but if a potential collector emails you and gets back a link to a [...]

Thoughts on our first 2010 Workshop

The question of HOW to bring in money from your art product takes on a whole new perspective when the times get tough and sales either drop or become non-existent. And if you never made any money from your art, then a tinge of desperation sets in.