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October 2010
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The Value of Customer Service!

Only  fools and teenagers (lol) do not know that being nice and helpful to the people who support you is the only way to advance in life AND your art business!

Steve just delivered my portrait to our client in Virginia. He hung the 30 x 40 oil high above her shelving unit (moved out to accomplish this) to hang side by side with a portrait I created of her 5 years ago. We had no problem  offering to help her with this task even though she had not asked us.  Over the years she had invested not only her money but her trust in our abilities and we rank our clients among our friends and acquaintances!

When we create art for a client, we offer everything from recommendations for the framing to delivering it and to installing it!  Simple courtesy goes a long way in customer/client loyalty!   And every business that sells anything to the public knows this and makes every effort to make sure their client is satisfied with every aspect of the sale!  Artists have a tendency to think that clients owe them when it is, in fact, it is the other way around!  Don’t confuse today’s art client with art clients from the past who were taken in (with the help from art galleries and their agents) with the arrogance and actions of a few of the artists of the twentieth century. Today’s consumer is savvy, knowledgeable and rarely needs her hand held. Unlike her teenager, she does not need to put up with an artist with an attitude!

So do you, your art and your reputation a favor and add a little customer service in with your art sale. Courtesy goes a very long way!  And don’t worry, the teens eventually figure this out! :-)

All done and loving it!

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