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Rainy Days…….and the artist life

Rainy days and ……

It has rained steadily for two days. I’m not complaining. September in NC has been hot and dry. So the first day of rain saw us standing on the front porch with the wind blowing the rain in our faces and we enjoyed it to the max!  Of course on this, the following day,  the perspective changes a bit.  I am now preparing to go outside and re-dig the trench from behind the ponies shed so that the water run off does not pool and run into their dry space. The goats are very unhappy. They do not like rain.
Still, the steady rain the second day has not dampened my spirits….in fact with Fall finally beginning to be felt, it is  more that cozy feeling of expectations that always, as a kid, meant that all those glorious activities of the fall months were laid out in a long stretch!

It also  means a heightened activity in the studio, with art classes, plenty of commissioned artwork and the general “getting ready for winter” feeling. I love it!

The dogs are a little confused. DaVinci, the Rottweiler, has an insatiable appetite and the dark afternoon has confused him into thinking that  3:30 means dinnertime. I ignore him. So he sits with his big head in my lap while I try to type, slopping a wet kiss on my hand if I put it near his mouth and his big eyes say “Feed me.”

An artist’s life in regards to hours and paychecks is not a real predictable affair.  We work when other do not and do not work when others are at work. We get paid sporadically and in terms of income, it can be far more or far less than what someone who is not an artist may make.

It’s a good life in its unpredictability.

Steve on a sunny day!

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