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December 2022
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What art to take to an outdoor show

Know your organizational weaknesses and make a decision to overcome them because if you do not, then every show will become an ordeal……very often it is not the work that is the biggest issue but how we are seeing it and handling it!.

Rainy Days…….and the artist life

An artist’s life in regards to hours and paychecks is not a real predictable affair. We work when other do not and do not work when others are at work. We get paid sporadically and in terms of income, it can be far more or far less than what someone who is not an artist may make.

3 Rules concerning Galleries

A quick note on this Memorial Day weekend! We are constantly advising artists that if they are  displaying work at an Art Gallery (or frankly ANYWHERE) there are THREE rules to observe: 1. Work with locations that are a comfortable day’s drive or less from you. 2. Visit the Gallery before you send anything 3.  [...]

A Gallery wants money to represent me….

A Gallery wants $3,000 up front to represent me. Do all Art Galleries operate this way?

A Saturday work day!

Yes, a self employed artist DOES work on a weekend!  If it is not a show, it is meeting a client, marketing at a local gallery or painting our commissions. It is very nice to be off the road for a bit! The deserts of the west have made this North Carolina spring seem LUSH! [...]