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August 2022
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Taking a lesson from a pro entrepreneur

He said to me, ‘You’ll never succeed without me.’ And I knew, right then and there that moment, I thought, ‘Oh yeah? I’d rather die than let you see me not succeed.’ And you know what? That was an insurance policy for success. Every time I was thinking of failing or giving up, I would think of one more thing, just because I didn’t want them laughing at me! Maybe not the best motivation but whatever, it worked for me.

Are you sure you want a Critique?

…..But this use of critique is still regarded by many as pretentious jargon…..”

50 Things under $50.00 to promote your art

Great article by Penny Sanseverini who promotes ways to sell BOOKS! LOL-Now you think selling art is difficult? Try selling books where the author gets…what, a few dollars for each book sold? Talk about getting out and hustling!

First Complaint from a client-Customer Service

Working on commission means you are an artist for hire. Plain and simple.

Getting Ready for the Summer Art Shows

It takes preparation to participate in an outdoor art show (juried and non-juried) anywhere-near or far and preparations for your show season should take place long before your first show!

Why you may not be ready to become a business

Combining creativity and business is also a state of mind and you will be unsuccessful if you cannot switch gears to accept and embrace what needs to be done.:-)

7 ways to put that “useless” degree to work!

Are you someone who invested a lot of money in one of the “useless” college degrees?

Re-energizing your Marketing Details

February brings semi-panic to those artists who have not created any type of business plan or course of action for the year and are just about ready to throw up their hands and say “Forget it! This is just too hard!”

Following up on Opportunities

If you take the time to go back and really think about how something began you will see the value of “simply showing up.” Even those events you feel (actually you are convinced!) might be a waste of your time or effort.

Set your Art Career in Motion!

We take the failure out of art marketing and put positive results within reach of the artist!