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November 2022
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The argument against donating art to charity auctions…..

……..I would love to hear the story of the artist whose career rocketed to success because he or she donated a work to a charity auction and this act alone tipped the first domino toward an avalanche of success coming his or her way. This narrative is always implied. I’ve never seen it happen.

If “Art Should Sell Itself” then how come I’m so broke?

“Art Should Sell Itself!” That would be nice. But it doesn’t and it won’t happen. Not in your lifetime. And curiously enough, artists actually know this. But somewhere back in their mind is some group, book or individual whispering that phrase to them and early education is very powerful…..even if it is utterly wrong!

Do I really need Facebook?

…….it is always good to remember that we sent men into space without “how to” ebooks :-)

Are you sure you want a Critique?

…..But this use of critique is still regarded by many as pretentious jargon…..”

Graphic Guild Lawsuit dismissed

Each of these developments involves an effort by third parties to define artists’ work and/or royalties as orphaned property, and to assert the right, in the name of the public interest or class representation, to exploit that work commercially or to appropriate the royalties for use at their sole discretion.

The Power of Social Networks

No social networking site is a magic bullet unless you can develop the evolving relationships and have the discipline to keep it up! Work the areas that you can give appropriate time to…but don’t use “lack of time” as an excuse not to work at least two areas online!

First Complaint from a client-Customer Service

Working on commission means you are an artist for hire. Plain and simple.

Why you may not be ready to become a business

Combining creativity and business is also a state of mind and you will be unsuccessful if you cannot switch gears to accept and embrace what needs to be done.:-)

Set your Art Career in Motion!

We take the failure out of art marketing and put positive results within reach of the artist!

So you have a Facebook Page-now what?

With a business to run, and other communication tools such as a website to update, many Facebook pages unfortunately become inactive. How can a business owner make use of a Facebook page without devoting too much time to its upkeep?