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If “Art Should Sell Itself” then how come I’m so broke?

This is an article that I just wrote for the jerrysartarama¬†SPLATTER blog so follow the link for the “rest of the story!”

“Art Should Sell Itself!”

That would be nice. But it doesn’t and it won’t happen. Not in your lifetime.¬† And curiously enough, artists actually know this.¬† But somewhere back in their mind is some group, book or individual whispering that phrase to them and early education is very powerful…..even if it is utterly wrong!

Artists who feel that their Art needs to only be displayed
and the buying public will flock to their studio or booth at an art show and push money eagerly into their hands can be seen everywhere. and are easily identifiable by both their attitudes and how they dress.

The “Art Should Sell Itself” artists are especially prevelant at Art and Craft Shows where they can be seen reading a book, or instant messaging on their cell phones, or lounging sleepily in their chairs. They ignore possible collectors completely, or stand in front of their booths blocking the entrance and engaging in conversations with friends and relatives. Or they are gathering in groups with other vendors to complain about the show.¬† They are wearing their “official artist clothes”…..cut off shorts and flip flops and many unconsciously spend a lot of time trying to perfect their perception of what an artist is supposed to look like and do. Sometimes the green hair helps…..

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