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June 2024
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NC REAL Professional Crafts Artists Entrepreneurship Coming!

Students will experience hands-on activities that have been specifically designed to address needs and challenges faced by craft artists who already have or wish to start their own business.

Turning your Studio into a Retreat

Artists often need beauty and quiet times for inspiration…. it’s a perfect place for many of our classes and our art retreats. Sure you can find the beauty elsewhere as an option. But being a part of it, nourishing it and reveling in it…well now, that’s the artist’s life!

Accepting compliments gracefully

Can’t accept a compliment gracefully? What we learned about dismissing or negating a compliment was that you are essentially telling the person giving you the compliment is that “his/her tastes are not very good.” Think about that and it will make sense!

So you have a Facebook Page-now what?

With a business to run, and other communication tools such as a website to update, many Facebook pages unfortunately become inactive. How can a business owner make use of a Facebook page without devoting too much time to its upkeep?

Partnering with non-profits

The one area in which many artists seem to forget is that the term “non-profit” is a little bit of a misnomer, as in actuality, all non-profits need to make money :-) . But artists themselves are NOT non-profits so do not set yourself up to starve by choosing poorly managed, bogus or ill-fitted charities to partner with :-) . Choose wisely and determine the mutual benefit to both parties.

The Circle Game

When talking with artists about marketing and selling their art,  the most often asked questions is, “How do I start?” One of the answers to that question is, “Decide to whom you will be selling your art and focus on them.” “How do I do that?” Well, if your art can be categorized you are [...]