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July 2010
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The Benefits of creating ART

The benefits from learning to draw and create are eloquently expressed in this student’s expression!

Staying on task! Psyching yourself up!

I need to Remind myself every step of the way that having a marketing plan is not just about making more money or more sales, it is also about taking care of my clients after their portrait commission

pricing pet portraits

I don’t advocate pricing by time and materials, price is so much a part of the perceived value of art and that has to be taken into account.

The Refreshing Art of Entrepreneurship

There is a direct correlation between need and motivation. None of these artists had motivational issues. Excuses did not enter into this picture. They had families to feed, bills to pay and they were delighted to have buyers. None of them pondered the academic world of artist angst.

Adding video to your marketing!

Video is the future, is your film rolling?
I’ve been hearing this for several years now – you need to add video, video, video, video. But what kinds of video can artists create to help increase their exposure, build their brand and get more business? How can we get in on the surge in video searches?
Here are four types of videos artists can create to help promote themselves on YouTube: