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December 2010
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Good news for end of the Year!

Keep in mind too that none of our success this quarter was by accident. We did not stumble upon clients, burn incense or randomly hope they would show up at our studio….we continued to promote our art via our usual tried and true channels: in person, on Facebook, our monthly newsletters, phone, postcards, email…the point is that we persevered.

So you have a Facebook Page-now what?

With a business to run, and other communication tools such as a website to update, many Facebook pages unfortunately become inactive. How can a business owner make use of a Facebook page without devoting too much time to its upkeep?

An ongoing Trend-pop up stores!

Pop-up stores are retail spaces — usually in the form of a kiosk or temporary tenant in an empty building — designed to operate for only a matter of days, weeks or months.

Partnering with non-profits

The one area in which many artists seem to forget is that the term “non-profit” is a little bit of a misnomer, as in actuality, all non-profits need to make money :-) . But artists themselves are NOT non-profits so do not set yourself up to starve by choosing poorly managed, bogus or ill-fitted charities to partner with :-) . Choose wisely and determine the mutual benefit to both parties.

The value of Workshops

So whether you teach an occasional art class, lesson or regular classes, realize that you have just given the gift of discovery to whoever you are teaching! And especially with adult classes, you have opened up a future for many of them. A future of an endless opportunity to discover art in a thousand or more ways!