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December 2010
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The value of Workshops

Years ago, when you wanted to know something about how to create art, your choices were limited. Either you read a book or went to college. There was no YouTube, DVD’s and if you had TV (seriously-as recent as 40 years ago, many people did not!) you may catch a show with the earliest of the TV artists, Jon Gnagy!

Looking back, I wonder at the huge expense my parents incurred for me to go to college, to the school of art, and leave with no marketable skills nor techniques for painting!  Everything I know today, I learned on my own and with much trial and error! And the interesting fact is that an artist never stops learning or re-inventing techniques, even when she thinks she “has it down!”

Even the simplest of art workshops nowadays empower the participants with knowledge and skills they did not have before entering! So when we hold a workshop in our studio, I take great pleasure in watching the delight of the students when they leave with a painting in a matter of two hours or less! It is the feeling of “I did it myself” that makes their day! So whether you teach an occasional art class, lesson or regular classes, realize that you have just given the gift of discovery to whoever you are teaching!  And especially with adult classes, you have opened up a future for many of them. A future of an endless opportunity to discover art in a thousand or more ways! And that surely beats sitting in front of the TV or computer!

As a parting thought, this couple has embraced the artist life in retirement and were delighted at what they accomplished! It doesn’t get any better than that!

So join a class,teach a class……when you have students who have paid to be there (including you) you have their full attention, enthusiasm and…doesn’t that make YOU feel good?!

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