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NC REAL Professional Crafts Artists Entrepreneurship Coming!

I’m heading out this weekend for a June 15-19 “Summer Institute” workshop by TenBiz in the beautiful mountain town of Blowing Rock, NC! I may be the only actual entrepreneur attending  but it’s all about their training program for facilitators. I look forward to adding to what I already know to better help those who ask for it!

Now no one says it better than TenBiz and founder and western coordinator of NCREAL, Tonya Snider.


Our objectives for the tenBiz, Inc. Summer Institute are:

  • to foster professional and personal relationships among participants and between tenBiz, Inc. and other organizations
  • to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the people and organizations which comprise the REAL network
  • to recognize and address the varying needs of a diverse group of participants and their students
  • to model the experiential process, content, and pacing of the REAL curriculum
  • to expand participants’ knowledge of themselves as facilitators and learners, and of entrepreneurship and small business planning, operations, and management
  • to facilitate facilitators’ success by familiarizing them with the REAL course curriculum and resource materials, and offering guidance on implementation of the program
  • to give experienced facilitators opportunities to further develop their skills, to share their experience in the REAL program with others, and to learn to design and lead future REAL training events
  • to create an atmosphere of fun, cooperation and shared responsibility

So if that doesn’t grab your interest then maybe what I will begin teaching in August of this year will!

NC REAL Professional Crafts Artists Entrepreneurship….. Each class is once every week for seven weeks (3 hours each class). This program is developed for students who have craft and artistry skills, and who need support in applying their talents to entrepreneurial endeavors. Students will experience hands-on activities that have been specifically designed to address needs and challenges faced by craft artists who already have or wish to start their own business.

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