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The Artist’s Creative Zone- The Key to Zoning out

The Artist’s Creative Zone- The Key to Zoning out.
M Theresa Brown

The Creative Zone. It’s where all artists want to be. Whether you create your art product for pleasure or create it for profit, the Zone is that artistic level where an artist is in tune with his creative process and everything else is tuned out or down. It’s where the artist is absorbed in the process of creating.

So how does this happen? If you are not an artist, it seems mysterious, almost mystical. All those descriptions of an artist can be intimidating. The artist muse. The artistic temperament. The artist angst. Non-artists are in awe of the Creative Zone. They assume that it must be something that just happens.

Artists, on the other hand, know that the Artist Zone is the same zone experienced by all creative people. Writers, musicians and poets are all touched by the same phenomena when in the midst of the zone.
So is the Creative Zone something that just happens? Or can it be called up at will? Do all artists, musicians and writers sit in their studios and stare blankly at the walls until some mysterious force suddenly springs upon them and thrusts them into the Zone?

Artists who believe that they cannot create until inspiration strikes are in their own zone-that of denial.
These artists rarely reach their potential. They are usually self absorbed in perpetuating the artist myth when in fact, inspiration is a combination of ability, perseverance and attitude.

So if waiting for inspiration to strike is not the answer to reaching the Creative Zone, what is?

Discipline. Discipline is a major factor in the success of any artist’s career. Discipline in creating. Discipline in marketing. Discipline in completing the project. And discipline is the key to calling up the Artist’s Creative Zone at will!
The key to avoiding the trap of waiting for inspiration, is for the artist to simply walk into his studio, and start the art project. No procrastination, no thinking about it, no angst.
Because once the paint is applied to the canvas or the chisel to the stone or the loom put into motion, the Zoning Out comes naturally.

For the working artist, this key is no secret. It is the key to their success. An artist who creates an art product to sell, does not lose the ability to go into the creative zone. In fact the opposite happens. This type of artist understands that the key to living in the Creative Zone is to be there. At the easel. In the studio. The key is to be working on that art project. And that takes discipline! No matter what the challenges of the day, or the difficulties in the project, the ability to simply start and finish the art project is the key to going into the Zone at will.

The ability for the artist to go into the Creative Zone is why the artist creates in the first place. It is a creative high. It is total absorption on an artistic level. And it is achievable at any time to the artist who has the discipline to go into the studio and produce his art.

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