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3 Rules concerning Galleries

A quick note on this Memorial Day weekend! We are constantly advising artists that if they are  displaying work at an Art Gallery (or frankly ANYWHERE) there are THREE rules to observe: 1. Work with locations that are a comfortable day’s drive or less from you. 2. Visit the Gallery before you send anything 3.  [...]

Art fund raisers

Jerry’s art store in Raleigh NC is hosting a fund raiser o n June 26 in front of their store. I volunteered to be there from 3-7. I’ll be doing live sketches and will charge $20.00 a quick sketch-all proceeds going to their fundraiser…not Haiti this time-it’s being pro-active and being prepared for the  oil [...]

Entering small local art and craft shows

New to art shows? Don’t know what to expect? I have noticed that many art organizations post their upcoming shows on Craigslist. Usually they’ll be under “artists” and/or  “art and crafts”. So I added to the posts with an encouragement to PARTICIPATE in a few of these shows. See the ad below: New to art [...]

What a Deal?

We usually don’t talk about others selling marketing information to artists online. But I just got this email and I have to comment. First let me say that there is good information out there and some of it is reasonably priced. Not much is written by working artists who support themselves through their art as [...]

The Artists lifeline!

If you are you an experienced artist who has hit a dead end with your sales and are not sure what your next step needs to be, then this workshop is for you!

Why Amish Businesses don’t Fail

Want to find America’s most successful entrepreneurs? Skip Silicon Valley and Manhattan; head to the rural Amish enclaves.