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The Artists lifeline!

I couldn’t resist posting my Craigslist workshop ad  on our blog.  If you are nearby, come on!  Yes I do roast the art establishment only because although they appear to  want artists to succeed,  their success must be with their “approved” methods. Talk about old fogey attitudes with art marketing vs cutting edge art! There’s something very wrong with this picture. Of course, cutting edge art to me is paying your bills with your art :-) Anyway-Grab a few enlightened artist friends and come join us Wed pm and you will see first hand that one of the main ingredients we offer artists is “hope.” And that’s a powerful mission  that many art organizations simply don’t offer.

If you are you an experienced artist who has hit a dead end with your sales and are not sure what your next step needs to be, then this workshop is for you!

We meet WED MAY 12 from 5-7 at the Jerry’s Art Store in Raleigh Store in Holly Park Shopping Center. The address is 3060 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27609. The phone number is 919-876-6610 or 1-800-827-8478 x 156. Most of these workshops sell out so although you can chance signing up on Wed May 12 at 5, there may not be room (it has happened :-) so contact Jerry’s today and reserve your spot.
Or call us at 919-880-7431. We start promptly at 5! We always run over our allotted time so be there before 5 pm!

Complete information and online sign up is here: The workshop is a $25.00 investment in your future. (Think of it as a lot less than what your college degree may have cost you!)

We will cover how and where you can sell your art NOW in areas of self promotion both on and off line that WORK! No theory, no disappointing stuff you already knew :-)
Bring a notebook, your questions, an eagerness to succeed! We’ll send you home jam packed with our knowledge and expertise of 20 years of how we’re been paying all of our bills with our art! And no it’s not all that useless information you’ve been struggling with that has gotten you nowhere!
Perhaps best of all we send you home with renewed vigor and enthusiasm for your art and what you create! One of the best $25.00 investments you will make this year :-) Oh and did we forget to mention the free yahoo forum we have JUST for marketing artists? You can interact with other like minded artists from all over the country. We speak your language. We know your need! We don’t leave you in the dark without a flashlight!

OK it’s a mission, we confess. But oh the artists we have been helping! Read their testimonials on our marketing site

Oh, btw, if you are a WAHM artist or single mom artist you really need to be at this workshop too!

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