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Do your own Creative Research!

Creative research sounds like an oxymoron (jumbo shrimp) but actually that is exactly what you need to do!

So just what is “creative” research? It’s a combination of reading, not jumping on every bandwagon, analyzing real facts and risk taking. What is important is to look at what YOU are doing in your particular art area.

The truth is, in this new economy, with the constantly changing social networking sites and new consumer thinking, the “blogging experts” are simply casting their bait into the same waters you are and hoping for a bite! Their job is to keep you thinking they have all the answers.
Your job as a selling artist is to do your own creative research and start thinking like a fish instead of reading “all about the new bait guaranteed to catch a fish!”

We are constantly exploring, tweaking and testing not only the avenues that have worked for us all along but the new ones, those that, in our long experience, show the most “common sense” promise.   We continue to do well in our art business and what we share with you are the results of our Creative Research :-) .

Think of all the time some of you may be spending daily on the computer reading other people’s blogs and devote some of that time to your own creative research. Sometimes you just have to get out there and do it!

What is most valuable to our members on this free site is factual information.
Share YOUR results based on what YOU have experienced. And hey, it’s OK to have less than stellar results :-) We have fallen on our faces a few times too but that’s how we learned to walk :-)
Start your creative research today!

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