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An artist’s business plan and a bottle of wine

So what would an artist business plan and a bottle of wine have in common?

We have an artist’s only business plan template¬† on our site designed by us, for artists, for a $4.99 investment. It is an immediate download.

Now why, you may ask,  is it not free? :-)

We have discovered that the value of our advice, just like art and a bottle of wine, is often determined by price.
Think about it. A bottle of wine at a dinner may range from $9.99 to $299.00 and although you may not know wine, the first thought in your mind is, “Wow that $299.99 bottle must be something special!” It’s a natural response :-)
But it is also surprising how many people will sip both wines and determine the $9.99 actually tasted better! (I was privy to that blind taste drama once and the results were exactly that-royally ticking off the connoisseur!)

So if you are serious about laying out your 2012 business plan and do not know where to start, we promise that the taste test won’t flop! :-) Our template is designed to get you thinking about your 1 year plan in art. We want you to think BUSINESS and all it entails.
Take it seriously-as though you had to make the plan for a bank loan, THAT will force you to look at goals, costs, needs and how to get there!

If you read our advice on creating your artist’s business plan and think “but I just want to be an artist” or “so and so’s online advice seems easier”, then you are buying into the fantasy world that non-working artists are promoting and will have to make some intelligent choices :-) .

Writing down your goals takes some thought. Making it happen takes some work.¬† Set 2 bottles of wine aside somewhere in your studio. Use them as a reminder that price often determines value….think your business, your art…..but in the end, when you have thought out and completed your plan, you will feel like celebrating…..and guess what? You will really know what being empowered feels like! And sure, open one of those bottles to celebrate!

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