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The Rise of couponing in small Business

Interesting article that should interest those who wonder if coupons may work in their business. It has worked in our area of the arts for art lessons and all aspects of marketing should be explored before being randomly discounted! An excerpt:

…..Consumer demands are changing. Customers want more immediate access to the best relevant deals and are using the Internet as the primary way to redeem coupons. Now, one in five smartphone users use mobile coupons and the demographics of coupon users are shifting……..



The Rise of couponing in small Business

This week, couponing and consumer savings site launched an infographic called “The Coupon’s Comeback.” The graphic argues that couponing, a phenomenon largely dormant for the last 20 years, has found a resurrection in the form of online media, social couponing sites, and more traditional dashboard sites. “The Coupon’s Comeback” explores the rise in coupon offers and redemption since pre-recession times, the surprising demographics of coupon use, and the evolution of online couponing.

According to the graphic, Americans have been engaged in a “long-term affair with the coupon,” which is not entirely surprising, since the coupon has been around for over 100 years. Recently however, there has been a huge surge in coupon use and as a result, spending and savings are up. More and more small businesses are offering coupons, and the number of online coupons increased 360 percent since 2009. As more retailers get online, that number will continue to multiply. By 2014, the number of mobile coupon users is projected to grow a staggering thirteen-fold.



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