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September 2010
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What would you do?

It started with a private email from an artist. She  had been contacted by a prospect who had seen, liked and wanted to purchase a $1500.00 painting of the artist’s that she had seen hanging on a wall in a Cafe she visited. The email asked if she should send the painting home with the prospect for a trial and what should the stipulations be?

My reply was to suggest that the artist CALL, not email the client and take the painting to her at the first available opportunity to work with her face to face:-).  So the artist does just that and schedules an appointment for a few days later on a Monday. On Sunday evening she returns home to an email from the prospect:

“I found another painting that fits what I’m looking for. It fits the wall much better and the price fits my budget much better.  I was feeling guilty having you drive all the way up here so I asked one of my local artist friends to come over and check out my house. We measured and looked at alternatives and I really don’t have the space, let alone really have the budget for a painting of the size I was considering.

When things change in my life and I’m looking for more art, I’ll keep you in mind.”

The artist said to me in her email:

“I don’t know that I could have done anything differently to make this deal happen.  I guess the price was an objection even though she didn’t share that.  My guess is her artist friend sold her on one of her paintings.

I plan to follow up with and email and send a hand made “thank you” note card.  Don’t know there is anything else I can do at this point.  Do you have any ideas?”

I replied to the artist with my advice but also saw this as an excellent opportunity for other artists to think about this situation and offer THEIR solution or observation!  In other words, what would YOU do? :-)

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