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The art school “cult.”

The mother of a 25 year old student called me again yesterday. I had been on the phone with her the month before for over an hour as she poured out her concerns about what was happening to her son in college in his fine arts program.

“The changes have been alarming! My talented yet sensible son has changed his appearance, his attitude, quotes Lenin and promotes Marxism. I ask him  about his job prospects but he just dismisses his father and I with some comment about “You don’t get it, It’s not about the money.” Yet he’s $45,000 in debt with school loans. How do we get him out of there? It’s awful-it’s like some kind of cult!”

During another hour long phone conversation I had to repeat my advice from before-there was nothing that she could do. It was not him calling me asking for advice; it was her. She had purchased our ebooks with the hope of him gaining insight but he had so far refused to even listen to them. Our August newsletter addresses the issues of what is happening in the Arts programs in our nation’s liberal arts colleges and universities. The leanings towards socialism, communism and Marxist views is certainly not new. The churning out of students unprepared to earn a living in the world with their painting or printing degrees is not new. The accumulation of tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt is not new.  The unhappy views of unhappy professors is not new.

So what is happening? The mother had been told that students’ brains were not maturing until they were in their 30′s today. What sort of bullshit is that? Parents and schools today are turning out a whole generation of whiny, dependent child/adults , thanks, in part, to their 24/7 hovering and  dumbed down, federally funded  education systems.

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