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Paint Your Pet! with M. Theresa Brown

Sunday June 14, 12:00 - 5:00
Jerry's Artarama Raleigh Store, Holly Park Shopping Center, Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh

Want to learn the secrets of painting portraits of dogs or cats? Learn how to get animals to pose for you, create life-like eyes, realistic fur, and preserve the very precious memory of a favorite pet.paint pet


What Students say about this workshop:

I really enjoyed the class Saturday. It felt really great to leave with something to show. In fact I have shown my german shepard everywhere today.I plan on signing up for your husband's class in August. I can't wait. Tell him that he has some awful big shoes to fill.LOL I can't wait to take another portrait class whether it was animals or people. I'm sure you could shine a bright light in either direction. Both would be great!!!!!! It was SO worth it!
Thanks Again for your time and effort - Annette

Thank you so much for the delightful lesson on painting dogs. I just loved it and I would come to another one even if it is the same. That was so much fun. Today I started painting our other Yorkie. He has a short hair cut so that may be different but I'm ready to play. I had my husband help me get an outside photo of him this morning without the flash and I watched your DVD to remind me of all your great tips. I love your DVD. Great information and you did not move too fast. It was perfect. I only hope I can learn to paint with more confidence and success. I really need a class in mixing paint colors. I think that would be very helpful. Thank you again. What fun! - Pat B.

I have spent a lot of money at other workshops and I cannot believe what I turned out in yours in just two hours. I LOVE what I did with the dog painting! Thank you for encouraging me to experiment! - Kittie D.



Instructor: M Theresa Brown

Class Code: TB150614

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Acrylic

Sunday, June 14th, Noon-5:00pm
Click here to register through Jerry's Artarama

Supplies to bring:

Enlarged photo on computer paper of the head of the cat or dog you wish to paint.

A few sheets of sketch paper (large enough for the image you want to paint), pencil and transfer paper

Acrylic paint - Burnt sienna, cerelean blue, raw umber, ultramarine blue, titanium white, burnt umber, ivory black, yellow ochre

Small bottle of acrylic retarder

small spray bottle of water

paper towels,

disposable palette

series of sizes 1-8 nylon brushes (filberts and rounds are recommended)

palette knife to mix paints

2-3 various size canvases-your choice such as 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 11 x 14. No larger.

container to hold water

plastic trash bag

optional: easel or table top easel



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