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How to stretch that measly child support check!

An exclusive offering from!

 Single Moms Guide to Making Money as an Artist

Now this is an electronic book after my own heart! Why?

 Because single moms with children are everywhere. They are every age, every race and in every economic niche.

They all struggle to make ends meet! No matter how much you earn, it is never enough! And if you are fortunate enough to receive child support to help with those bills, it is doesn't go far enough!

In these tough economic times, single moms who are raising their children alone need all the help they can get! It seems as though every waking moment is spent with work, children, debts...who has time to have a life let alone be an artist?

But if you can paint or craft, you can add substantially to your income without investing a lot of money in the process! How do I know? I have been there!

A brief history is below to help inspire you! And my ebook? There is not a book out there that has the value of what I learned and accomplished during that time!


A deadbeat husband resulted in a divorce and a bankruptcy where I lost not only the business I had built by myself, but my house, the cars, my health and my income. It didn't end there. It got worse. My stress related health issues prevented me from working a full time Monday through Friday job and yet I could not get even temporary financial help from “The System.”

So at age 36, I loaded up a beat up Honda station wagon with 4 children ranging in age from 4-13, 2 dogs and a cat and headed to another town. I had been a small business owner but I had no college degree, no secretarial skills, no “marketable” skills as the Employment Security Offices told me.

And then, as always happens when doors close in your face, I saw another one open! There had to have been an angel on my shoulder getting more and more exasperated at my being unable to see that open door! Finally I got the message! Maybe I could not type 100 pm but I could DRAW! And I could PAINT. All those artsy things that I could do that others had so admired? My helping hands were my own!

Within 2 months I was living my dream of making a living as an artist!

And now, years later, I continue to live the dream as one of less than 1% of artists world in the U.S. who make a full time living with their art!


By the way, it was my determination and perserverance, not talent, that produced results!

I had 4 children depending on me. Failure was not an option. Sure I struggled the first few months! Why?

This was unchartered territory! Nothing in any book, DVD or Art program prepares any artist or craftswoman for the “real world” of marketing your paintings or crafts.

Not a single artist I knew knew how to make money! Oh they all had ideas and opinions, but none of those ideas were working for them financially! So I forged ahead, learned and progressed and made money initially by trial and error.

My goal is to help eliminate the learning curve and reach success quicker and easier than going it alone as I did

Single Moms Guide to Making Money as an Artist

In Single Moms Guide to Making Money as an Artist  I will share with you all the ways that will help you add substantially to your present income!

Think about it. Wouldn't it be nice to make the rent without eliminating food on the table? Wouldn't it be nice to afford those dance lessons for your daughter? Better yet, wouldn't it be wonderful to set your sights on being a stay at home mom?

In this book I will share with you:

  • First Things First!-Attitude and Perseverance

    It's all about the confidence!

  • Products! What can I make?

    The two major areas that make money!

  • Promoting yourself -first impressions

    What you need now!

  • Where do I sell what I make?

    All the places to sell without an art gallery needed!

  • How do I price my products?

    The easy facts

  • Small space studios at home

    Techniques that work!

  • Time management tips

    Making the time to create!

  • Balancing children and relationships

    What the books won't ever tell you!

  • Bookkeeping, Banking and all that stuff

    Seriously simplified!

  • Wrapping it all up!-

Bringing the plan together!    

What price can you put on financial freedom?  What price can you put on less stress?  Or happier, more relaxed children?  What price can you put on independence?  How about your self esteem?

Single Mom's Guide to Making Money as an Artist can show you HOW to stretch that measlychild support check!

And Because this book is for all the Single Moms with Children, we have purposefully kept this ebook to the low cost of


I guarantee that you will find information in this book that is unlike anything you have read elsewhere! NO art marketing books cover what is covered here because they have not been where YOU and I have been.


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If that measly child support check isn't going very far or if the amount is an insult to your family's needs, then TAKE CONTROL by investing in YOURSELF!


For just $17.95  you can take your first steps towards improving your financial future!

Remember, the best revenge is SUCCESS!

You will be able to download SINGLE MOM'S GUIDE TO MAKING MONEY AS AN ARTIST immediately after payment!

 Start now and change YOUR future forever!



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Single Moms Guide to Making Money as an Artist

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