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Representing yourself in Public!

What to say to turn a browser into a buyer

Special Audio presentation and worksheet!

If you are an artist who becomes tongue tied, shy, or simply don't know how to respond to questions asked of you in public, then you need this special Art Career Experts audio and worksheet package!

The key to representing yourself is knowing what to say and how to say it to your prospects both on the phone, an email and in person. DId you know that there are specific words, phrases and sentences that you can use to turn that "just looking" person into a client?

Our special package contains both an audio and worksheet download recorded live from one of our seminars! We share it all with you! Our worksheets are designed for you to read and to practice the responses that we suggest. The audio is perfect to listen to while working in your studio or driving to a show. Listen again and again to gain the maximum benefit!


It takes practice to break your old speech habits yet doing so is critical to your success! We share with you what works, comments and questions from our audience and the satisfaction you will gain from knowing that you have the support of working artists who care about your success!

Listen here to a sample clip from the instant audio download

Theresa answering questions at ACE seminar

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 I ordered your "Representing Yourself" pdf file and audio last week and had not until this morning had the opportunity to listen to the audio.
 I am gearing up for the beginning of my outdoor show season in a few weeks and you did it again, you gave me fantastic tools...and I do prefer the audio version, it's like I am there listening to you in person.
I have done many outdoor shows and am thrilled that finally someone has some valuable advice for me; I have encountered all of the things you mention.

If anyone who does shows has not purchased this, it's the best $9.95 you can spend! What a deal!

Thanks, Theresa and Steve : )