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Artists! Sell the Sizzle first, not the Steak!

Grab your viewer at the home page!

We help DESIGN Artists by making sure their copy SIZZLES!

Sizzle! That's what an artist's home page on his website should be! That's what an artist's biography or statement should be! It's not some long boring biography or your rambling chronological story. It's about grabbing the attention of your visitors to your site in that split second that you have before they decide to go elsewhere! And then keeping it!

To quote Elmer Wheeler, "To sell the steak you have to sell the sizzle!"

What does that mean? It means that your home page, that very first page that viewers land on needs to have the SIZZLE to keep their attention! And then once you have it, you need to keep the sizzle going in your biography and your artist statement and even at the introduction to your galleries!

The job of your home page is to capture the immediate interest of your should be like the exterior of a luxury car where the "look" needs to hold the promise of the beauty of the interior and performance of the vehicle. And that's what YOUR website home page needs to be! And as your viewer enters your world, you need to keep the magic going with both your visuals and your words!

So how are you going to present yourself on your home page? How are you going to deliver the sizzle? Art galleries will tell you that the biggest mistakes that artists make when creating, for instance, an artist's statement or biography is to make it predictable and boring. How many statements do you think they see that begin with "I loved art as a child"? That sentence alone brings in the "ho hum" factor before the next sentence has even been read.

Does your home page do that? How about your artist statement or biography? Are they predictable and boring?

Most artists websites are similar to brochures. What can you do or say to add the sizzle to the exterior, so that viewers will want to continue on to see the interior? Your work is your steak. The meat of the matter. You want your viewer to immerse themselves in your life and your artwork! You want them to view AND taste your masterpieces!

Need help? Don't have a clue what to say, where to start?

Need Artist Makeovers on your site?


You know us as a team, as artists whose sole income for 20 years is through the sales of our art. You also know us as artists helping other artists to succeed through our popular site, our ACE yahoo forum, newsletters, blogs, Facebook and artist seminars! You have seen us on the site, watched our videos and learned from our years of experiences in the world of creating and marketing our art!

We understand BOTH creating and selling and that makes all the difference in how we help artists present themselves and their websites in the best possible light! We are not website designers. We are ARTIST DESIGNERS! And there is a huge difference!

Does your current website need a home page MAKEOVER?

What is a Home Page Artist makeover?

A Home Page Artist makeover is similar to the cover letter of a resume!

It is taking who you are, what you do, and presenting it in a way that you, the Artist, SIZZLES! So many artists create visually with ease and yet have problems with the written words to express that image. Just as in resume writing, it is critical to grab the attention of the reader immediately in order to even be considered for the job, right?

So that's where we come in! We can save you the time, the energy, the labor and the frustration and let you get on with creating your art. We create the written words that create the sizzle for your website or your artist statement or your biography ...or all 3! We create it from the perspective of marketing and visual artists, but most of all, from the perspective of a potential client! We see it from ALL angles!



Hi Theresa,

Thank you SOOOO much! I am delighted with what you did with my home page and am very grateful to you....your help added that special something that I was missing on my home page!...I did not even think to add the testimonials.. thanks and gratitude,



Marina kindly let me share her artist home page makeover!

Marina's Problem:


Thank you so much for taking the time to view my site and your
generosity in suggestions... I am not sure how to approach
capturing the 'sizzle' vs. the 'steak' on my home page...and
integrating it in the template I use, along with testimonials.

One of the most difficult things I contend with is integrating my
psychic/intuitive work and my art on the same website...and needless
to say, the different styles and subject matter I work with. This
alone creates 'overload.' I've often pondered keeping my current site
which is and creating a separate site for my
artwork ... perhaps or something like that.

Marina Petro

Marina's "before" home page:


Welcome to my world of Art and Intuition.

Stay Awhile...

Visit my online Art Gallery to renew your spirit and learn how to develop your intuition.

I am an artist, intuitive consultant and teacher. My paintings are considered Contemporary Visionary, Healing & Traditional Fine Art. I work in a variety of styles and subject matter which is very important to my ongoing creative development.

I am affiliated with the "Daily Painters" or, "A Painting A Day," and have recently been honored to participate with the "Daily Painters International Art Gallery." We consist of hundreds of artists worldwide who typically paint daily and post our artwork at our blogs for sale.

Besides the original paintings which are available here, my artwork can be purchased as fine art reproductions and prints on canvas and paper as well as greeting cards, posters, T-shirts and fine gift items. My artwork has been used to illustrate magazine articles, CD music albums, wine collections, websites, and featured in a variety of publications and national magazines. My paintings and prints are in private collections worldwide. Contact me to inquire about purchasing, licensing my images, or exhibiting my original paintings.

I offer workshops in Intuitive Painting and Developing Intuition and Psychic ability. I am available for private intuitive consulting for individuals and businesses. I am noted for the depth of insight and clarity conveyed in these sessions. I have been working in the intuitive, psychic field for over 30 years and have an extensive national and international clientele.


Art Career Experts Solution

Marina's question about adding the "sizzle" is a good one and it is where our expertise comes in! She had plenty of "steak" on the home page-basically a list of what she does. It was all very standard and very bland! Her addition of her professional services was almost an afterthought.

Marina's website needed a complete homepage makeover! Our goal in the makeover, is to capture her audience immediately rather than have them wade through boring links and lose interest as well as offer that seamless transition within her site from her Art to her Services.

With that goal in mind, we studied her target market, completely re-wrote her home page, easily and smoothly transitioned her audience from viewing her galleries to viewing her professional services. Take a look at the "after effect"!


marina home page
Delving deep into the essence of my clients, I see the colors, auras and visions that surround and emanate from their very soul. In this intuitive state, I bring forth and present what I see and feel in each individual. I move through life immersed in a world of soft and brilliant colors that warm me, touch my creative art and transform my abilities into an explosion of awareness on all levels!

It is at the very heart of what I do and transforms itself into the works of Art that I create and share in my galleries. It is Art at the most personal of levels-a psychic level-in which I employ my gifts to enrich the lives of others either through my art or in helping them experience clarity and healing in their lives or develop their own intuitive gifts.

Come, be my guest on this creative and personal journey! Join me as we tour my galleries. Immerse yourself in the soothing power of my Healing Art. Enjoy the revelations of my Visionary Art. Learn how to tap into YOUR intuitive gifts and enrich your life beyond what you thought was possible!

“Some people turn to therapists or drugs. I've turned to Marina for over 20 years. Her creative talents adorn my walls. Her words, her visions, her messages and her deep knowing has been an infallible source of wisdom over the years and I truly wonder where I'd be without it.”
Janet Perini, NY

"I have been a client of Marina Petro's for intuitive guidance for over twenty years. Marina is not only gifted and insightful but is able to package the information presented in a way that it is useful to the recipient to move forward, to recognize the unfoldment of opportunities and to work through challenges. The intuitive guidance may also save, months , days and years from barking up the wrong tree. Marina's guidance goes to the deeper longings of the client, I often think of her as a reader of ones soul-...bottom line... highly recommended."
Kenneth N., Florida

“My initial meeting with Marina was in 1990 when I received an intuitive reading which proved to be highly accurate and insightful. The knowledge and spiritual guidance obtained at that time and subsequent readings have helped me beyond measure. Her workshops are well organized, reasonably priced and present the opportunity for the students to access their intuitive nature in a highly supportive environment. As a visionary artist, her work transports the viewer to a place that connects on a soul level. I feel so honored to have her work "Spirit Rising" on the cover of my CD "Soul Songs". Marina has been an important part of my spiritual journey over the past 20 years and I am so grateful for all that she gives and all that she is.”
Linda Thompson, NY

“Marina has become a confidante, a person I have relied upon for more than 25 years. I have taken advantage of almost every service Marina has offered and she has never, ever let me down. I incorporate her thoughts and recommendations into everything I do every day of my life. What more can be said? Can you think of ANYONE in your life you could say that about and mean it? Marina is my strength and my wisdom - I wish others could benefit as I have...”
Janice Maguire, MBA-Albany, NY

 Here is the link to Marina's actual homepage


Thanks so very much for 'lighting my fire' in improving my website; you fueled my motivation to re-design a site that I was not happy with but was procrastinating in fixing. Your suggestions on background (no more red!), testimonial use and PayPal buttons in particular were so very helpful and I believe will greatly increase my traffic and sales!

Without your suggestions this would not be happening now....thanks : )

Pat Morris at




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All of our work is guaranteed! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Most artist's makeovers are completed and ready for you to view within 24-48 hours. We work together with you to create a memorable image, in words, of YOU and YOUR ART!


Your help has been amazing! I found the blog I started in 2008 and then didn't keep it up. I am inspired now and want to work on it; can't remember how to add the buttons but I do already have a paypal account.

I'm very excited!

N Darling


You folks are great, I get more helpful info - and encouragement - here than anywhere


Thank you!

C Raschella