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Getting a Paycheck from your Art

Audio version of our ebook!

 *E-book file included on CD - Listen in your car and read on your computer

 Our ART MARKETING SUCCESS SECRETS is available in audio format as “ART FOR SALE!”

This is the ultimate art marketing book and the one that has been wowing the artists! What has made it so popular is that artists are realizing what we knew all along:

If all the Art marketing information that is promoted by the majority of artists, teachers, art marketers, galleries and colleges through books, DVD’s, seminars and forums worked, WHY are there so few artists making a good living at their craft?

I am so glad I found you! I have always been a loner when it comes to my artwork and when the New Year dawned I made the decision to reach out....and my purchase of your CD turned out to be a life-changing decision!
I listened to the entire CD immediately when it came in the mail....It is the type of assistance I have been looking for....I crave constructive criticism! I listen to it almost daily now, as I am painting, and it has brought a new excitement to my art career. I have been doing shows but now will be much more successful with my new guestbook, my new level of professionalism, my elevated attitude and attention to my clothing choice, all evolving because of your sound advice.
Will you be doing a workshop at the Jerry's Artarama in West Hartford, CT anytime?

Thank you thank you thank you! - Pat



The e-Book and the AUDIO CDs!


We're excited about the audio version of our book as you can listen to it while you are working or driving.
 We partnered with Burning Oak Studios to create these professionally recorded audio books.

You can instantly download the ebook and an mp3 audio while waiting for the 2 CD audio package, ART FOR SALE! to arrive. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED!

 Non-Artists just don't understand what it takes to incorporate and blend the artistic side with the business side and make it work successfully!

What are you going to learn? We will share with you OUR success secrets!

1. Introduction to Success 
Re-programming all that you know
2. Overcoming The Right Brain Myth 
De-mystifying your ability to sell
3. Attitude Re-programming the artist in you 
4. Promoting yourself-First Impressions 
Professional Conversation
5. Promoting yourself-The Tools 
Business cards-make them speak for you!
Portfolio-your portable gallery!
Transportation-how to meet the client!
6. Promoting Yourself 
Websites-Beyond brochures!
7. Evaluate your skills to create a living 
It’s not about talent
8. Promoting Your Art 
Gearing up for Success - The Goals
9. Promoting Your Art-What Works 
Where To Sell
10. Promoting Your Art-What Doesn't Work 
11. The Business End simplified 
Everything You Need To Know
12. The Sweet Smell of Success! 
Pulling It All Together and Staying There

When you invest in ART FOR SALE you are investing in YOURSELF and gain access to a BIG support group!


Thanks....when I bought your audio book I never dreamed that I had found such a support system and all I can say is Thank You! - Pat

So start Now! Your $24.95 investment could change your life forever! Our exclusive support group will keep you focused and on task to succeed!

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Art Marketing Success Secrets
E Book and 2 Audio CD Set

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Want to see a preview?

Click here: Theresa Video Clip   to watch one of our short video clips with some invaluable information! Note: This link will open a new web page (pop-up)

Invest in yourself for a change! Or invest in an artist friend! There is really NO Time like the Present!



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Art Marketing Success Secrets
E Book and 2 Audio CD Set

with free shipping

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