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How to Draw Horses DVD vol 1 
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If you can draw circles, lines and triangles, you can learn to draw not just a horse , but virtually anything!The joy of this Level 1, 55 minute DVD is that you can stop it or pause and still follow along with Theresa while she takes you through a step by step process of creating a good basic line drawings of horse's heads. She will show you how you can also use Breyer or Peter Stone models. You will learn the basics of blocking out the head in several different angles, creating detailed ears, eyes and noses & creating tack. 

  • Tools discussion--paper, pencils, erasers
  • Using horse models, photographs, live horses
  • Blocking in the head--profile
  • Pacement of ears, nose,eyes, mouth, manes and forelocks
  • Angling the neck
  • Blocking in the head--3/4 view--placements
  • Blocking the head--frontal view
  • Foreshortening
  • Detailing ears, eyes
  • Drawing tack--halters, bridles (English and Western)
  • Adding movement and pesonality in the head
  • Adding markings
  • Breeds and the differences in heads and necks

Putting it all togetherThis first DVD is for all ages. You are preparing the way for more advanced techniques in Theresa's upcoming DVD's on drawing the body of the horse, shading, working in various mediums and working 3 dimensionally.

Wonderful artist, the DVD is VERY informative, I will be back!          
Linda B. 

Love the DVD! Thanks! My daughter is thrilled!
Janice L.

Great DVD!  LOTS of information                                                
Stephanie K.

My daughter LOVES your DVD! When she caught on about the basic shapes, it took off! Then I sat down with her and I impressed myself. It's great fun! Where's the next one?                                                
Penny, of Hoofhearted Outfitters


Follow along with Theresa as she takes you step by step through this 55 minute video




Volume 1, Level 1 of the series begins with drawing the Horse Head  and is appropriate for All ages!

How to Draw Horses DVD vol 1 
$19.95 & 2.95 Shipping







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